Want To Follow My Data? — Updated 4/12/18

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I’m keeping a spreadsheet this year, and at the end of the year, I’ll make some pretty graphs! Everyone loves graphs.

If there are things you want me to track ask soon please because when I get far down the list it’ll be too much of a pain to go back and add it to everything.

This way to the data!

If you can fill in any of my “unknowns” let me know!





  1. Oh hell – data! Excuse me while I pour myself a stiff drink.

    OK, I’m back. I can only handle data if my mind’s properly lubricated.

    I think you should make the “rating” field “my rating” so it’s clear those are your numbers. Also, if you really want to be ambitious, you could state the number of POV characters in each book.

    Good luck with this! I’ll be watching from the sidelines, with plenty of alcohol to fortify myself. 🙂

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