The Black Shriving by Phil Tucker

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It’s always difficult for me to do reviews for books that aren’t the first in the series. If you’re thinking about reading this one you’ve already read the first so you’re familiar with the characters and world building and writing style. If I reveal too much about the plot it gets spoilery.

I love that Audsley gets so much page time in this one, I love his character I definitely think he’s my favorite of the bunch. It might be his firecat that really has me won over.

We find out what’s up with Asho’s sister – really loved that part.

Thannicks storyline is finally crossing over with the rest of the POV’s and I really loved that. Thannicks arc in this one is trying to be an effective leader, and come up with a plan to take down the humans. He’s struggling with whether or not to use his circlet, and how to keep the Red River clan in order.

Ishka and Tiron develop some very interesting dynamics and I found reading about their feelings and interactions to be really fascinating.

There was some pretty interesting world building going on, lots and lots of demons and demon fighting that kept the pace moving really quickly. I didn’t feel like this book suffered from ‘second book’ syndrome where it’s a lot of set up with not much going on – this book was shorter than the first which added to how quickly it went by. I started and finished in a day.

The Black Shriving is what happens to that ruined castle Lady Ishka was banished too – except this time the demons are promising to go over the bounds of the castle and run rampant in the world – they have to stop them before that happens.

If you liked the first one I would say absolutely check this one out as well, I like where this is going and I can’t wait to get around to the next one!

Overall: 8.5/10 

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