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I’ve decided to be a bit more organized this year, I’m going to be planning out my reading 2 or 3 months in advance, and I’ll be updating it on a pinned post.

I’m doing this partially because I’m receiving a fair amount of ARCs and I want to be able to rate and review at least by the time they debut, and I sort of need a calendar to keep it all straight. I also don’t want peoples requests to drop through the cracks which happened repeatedly this year – feels bad man. If sometime this year you were like “hey, read my book” and I was all like “sure!” and then nothing happened…. feel free to contact me.

I am WAY ahead of schedule with my challenge of reading 100 SPFBO books, at present, I only have 21 more books to read and 6 months to do it in. I’ll absolutely be hitting my goal, and it opens up my schedule to take on some more requests.

So, if anyone would like to see a book reviewed I’ll be planning my reading schedule out through March and would welcome any suggestions – and not necessarily just authors sending me things. If anyone wants me to read something and review it I’m down for basically anything.

I’m going to try and fit more sci fi and classics to my reading schedule as well, I meant to read 12 classics this year aaaannnndddd, I didn’t. I read one. Any suggestions here would also be welcome, I’m not well versed at all on books pre 1980’s.

I don’t know how many SPFBO books I’ll be reading this year, certainly not 100 again. Although I had a blast with it this year, it did disrupt my reading schedule quite a bit and ate into the time I may have been playing video games instead – I’m going to try and diversify my free time a bit this year lest I burn myself out. I’ll probably read about 50 from SPFBO, all of the finalists and a smattering of the others.

I also want to slow down my reading a bit in general as well – 210 books is kind of a lot. I’d like to get back to video games – so for those of you who like to PC/Switch/VR games I’m going to try and snag some of the bigger titles coming out this year, and some of the indies as well. I played Unravel this year which was one of the first indie games I’ve tried, and it was more fun than I expected it to be given my character was a ball of yarn.

I also sort of want to rekindle my love of being outside and going hiking, so maybe a few albums of national parks I visit this year. We have a trip planned for Yellow Stone and I’m pretty stoked about it.

I may be bringing back Terry Tuesdays which reviews something about Discworld or Terry each week. When I first tried it I didn’t get the same traffic I did for other posts, but it was also when my blog was brand new, so maybe some people who have subbed since then will have more interest. Maybe not, we’ll see!

Anyway, it’s just small changes in the grand scheme of things- the movie reviews, tv reviews, game reviews, book reviews and the like will all be there with just a bit of a shift of how much of what kind of review.

I’ll be pinning my reading schedule to the top of the blog when I’ve got it organized.

I’m praying to the Old Gods and the New that 2018 won’t fucking suck as hard as 2017.

Happy New Years to everyone! 😀














  1. If you are still considering suggestions for your reading list I’d love to see your take on Threadbare by Andrew Seiple. The first book is available on amazon but it is also available as a web-serial on sufficientvelocity. It’s a fairly original litrpg, where the main character is a Teddybear Golem. It’s quite a light read, but I found it very refreshing after finishing a long series. if links are allowed?

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