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I did a small review on this after I watched the first two episodes. I didn’t know what to think about it then, so I gave it sort of a ‘meh’ review.

This is a series that I enjoyed more as it went along, I wasn’t really sold until later on in the series. This isn’t atypical for me and many shows, most first seasons of shows start out slower and I get more invested as they go along.

After the first few episodes the dick jokes, fart jokes, and other more juvenile humor become less common – although they’re still there from time to time. I don’t really enjoy this kind of humor anymore, and I was glad to see it go away for the most part.

The show hasn’t really decided what its tone is going to be, some episodes are more serious while others are absurd. From episode to episode my enjoyment level varies a lot, some episodes I thought were legitimately awesome episodes, while others were simply ‘eh’.

There are a few characters I really enjoy and are starting to get developed more and more, and I hope that continues with the next season. Others still have a long way to go before I have any real feelings on them one way or the other. The all male alien race is particularly interesting to me, and I love the relationship two of them have going on. I also really liked the relationship between the captain and his first officer, (who is also his ex wife) it was interesting to watch it progress and by the end of the series, I think it’s one of my more favorite over-arcing plotlines.

There have been a couple memorable cameos, including Robert Picardo, who played the Doctor on ST: Voyager. I hope to see more ex-trek cast members in the next season.

So, although this isn’t a show I would yell about quite yet, I will be watching it with interest next season, and hope to see improvements where they’re needed, and maybe a settlement on the overall tone they’re shooting for. I am excited to see another positive sci fi show come out, we need more of them.

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