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I used to watch South Park religiously up through college, and since then I’ve sort of fallen out with it, watching when it’s on but not seeking it out. I didn’t know if I’d like the game, I hadn’t played Stick of Truth so I didn’t know what to expect from it.

I had a lot of fun with this game, I like turn based game play and I’ve got a special love for collecting things. There were so many different things to collect, from Tweek and Craig yaoi to different costumes for your character. If you like collecting and earning achievements for it this will scratch that itch hard.



Your character doesn’t talk, but everyone keeps talking to you anyway. You can customize your character to a point, different outfits, hair styles and costumes are available – but even if you pick “cis gendered female” and pick feminine customization you’ll still be told you are “pretty for a boy”.


Picking certain skin tones or gender identifiers will increase the difficulty of the game, I just played what I am and went through as a medium skin toned straight female and the game wasn’t too challenging.




So, the towns cats have been going missing, and there’s a flier up for a missing cat named Scrambles, with a 100 dollar reward. Cartman wants to find the cats and Scrambles to get the reward money and start up the Coon and Friends movie franchise.


There are lots of subplots and quests like getting all of the Member Berries collected, or taking selfies with as many people as possible to up your following on Coonstagram. Many of the people you try and get selfies with will have side missions you need to complete before they’ll agree to a selfie.


After you’ve found the cats, the story doesn’t end, there’s trouble with an underground crime boss who’s using all the cat pee and putting it in the adults alcohol and drugs making them even crazier than usual. You have to stop the underground crime boss who’s also trying to get elected as mayor before it’s too late. To go into more of it than that will ruin some surprises.

Game Play

This is turn based and there’s a lot of strategy to it, especially in how you move your players around the fight.

gameplay 2.png

There are different classes you can use, and eventually all of them will unlock. I had a lot of fun watching the different special moves for each class. Each “special move”, including that of our team, has a cut scene and they’re fairly entertaining. That green character is actually me.  It’s the only screen shot in here from my actual game play. I’m not good at remembering to take screen shots, and I need to learn how to do video.

I think my favorite was Tweek and Craig, if you want to watch them all the compilation is here:


I didn’t find it necessary to use any healing team members because you can craft your own healing potions and food stuff and just use that instead. However, the healing class team members do have better range and can be more powerful than your antidotes. I was playing mostly as a Brutalist and Martial artist which is basically Tank Class.

Your farts have special powers and you’re able to stop time, turn back time, change the time of day etc all through the power of your ass.

In addition to that, as you go through the game you can unlock special buddies to come help you solve puzzles. For instance Kyle is called the Human Kite, and when you call him he rides on your back, and you fart your way up to a higher location.

I’ve been told that in some countries this game has been released in an edited version, with some scenes not making it into the game. If I had to guess, maybe Scotland banned this?


Then there’s all the collecting I was talking about, finding all the yaoi in South Park was probably the most challenging for me.

Some of the Tweek yaoi was actually kind of cute


But others were kind of disturbing.

craight and tweek 2.png


I think I’d give this an 8/10, there were some problems with the PC version, there were some glitches including getting a black screen many times I try and load the game. If you’re experiencing that problem too you can try some of these suggestions

Although the game was entertaining, for the most part it wasn’t laugh out loud funny. There’s only so many fart and dick jokes I can take before it gets old.

I was absolutely playing this more for the gameplay than I was funny dialogue, even though there were some funny moments.

I’d recommend this to people who like turn based game play, strategy, and have a crude sense of humor 🙂

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