Reformatted! Maybe more to come…

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I got tired of the way my blog looked and I was trying to come up with another format, so I spent this evening trying to make this blog look a touch less shitty, I was never that happy with the old layout but I suck at web design and just stuck with it for a while. I’m not sure how much more I like this design but we’ll see what happens.

I’m going to try and put just a bit more effort into my blog posts (at least the spfbo reviews) to make them a little more refined… maybe not post them at 6am after being up all night with 0 revisions leaving it riddled with spelling errors, confusing sentence structure, and grammar atrocities. Not like I’m doing that right now, it’s totally not 4am and I’m absolutely not going to post with with no editing what so ever.

This new format lets me highlight 3 posts and keep them pinned to the top of the blog and I’m really liking that feature, if I change layouts again I’ll find another one with this feature.

One of those three slots will be the 100 SPFBO book challenge thing until that’s over with sometime next year. The other two pinned posts are going to be rotating highlights from SPFBO  challenge for books I felt were 5 star books, or close enough. Each book will stay pinned until the next 5 star bumps it off.




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