Esmes Indie Highlights/SPFBO: Drawn In by Nigel Bird

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This is a book in Fantasy Factions bracket for SPFBO and currently has no feedback yet.


This is a single POV second person point of view book that follows around a British girl who’s currently in Italy.

She’s eating dinner one night and steps outside to leave, and meets an artist drawing something on the ground. It turns out to be the form of a dead person strewn out on the pavement. She doesn’t know why he’s doing it, but there’s something strange and mysterious about him that makes her want to know him better.

She hears someone calling from behind her, and it’s the waiter from the restaurant coming to return a sweater she had left inside, and he’s hit by a car, and his body lands directly on top of the chalk drawing.

Nobody else saw the artist, and nobody else saw the chalk drawing, it disappeared when the body was removed.

The main character gets involved with the artist through the book, and you get to learn all about Collectors and how they shepherd souls from one life to the next.



  • Nat – she’s the main character of the story. She’s suffered a pretty big loss, her ex bf was shot and killed and now she’s being haunted by his ghost. He won’t let her move on with someone else, and he’s constantly in her thoughts telling her to do some pretty messed up stuff.
  • Arturo – the artist, he’s a collector and helps people move on from this life to the next


World Building:

This is a pretty short book, so there wasn’t a terrible amount of world building, but it was a cool concept none the less. There’s some rules that go along with being a collector, there’s neat aspects to the chalk magic system as well – about 80% through there’s a neat twist with this.

God and the Devil are real, and so are Demons, there’s a huge Christian influence with this book, churches are safe havens and the after life is real. Tormented souls get stuck in Limbo and haunt other people who have restless or broken souls.


Pacing Prose:

This book according to goodreads is 115 pages (ebooked it, no pages available) it read very quickly, there wasn’t much of anything that should have been discarded or anywhere that was a ‘slog’ because it was such a short and compact story.

pacing final score 8/10

writing final score 7/10


I’ve never seen a magic system that works like this, for how short the book was there was a lot of unique stuff.



  • For people who like demons, gods, devils, ghosts
  • For people who enjoy compact and tight story
  • For people who like second person writing
  • For people who like the idea of collecting souls/reaper main characters
  • For people looking for something different.

final score: 45/60 or 7.5/10


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