Return of The Good Place: Season 2

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The Good Place is back! I really enjoyed discovering this series this summer and binged it from start to finish in a few days. Ted Dansen was awesome, Kristen Bell was adorable yet grating, and the side characters and plot were really endearing. It also managed to end on a huge twist that I did not see coming at all which is always a great surprise.

I was so excited for the new season! I watched the first episode, two episodes really as it was aired as a double feature, and I really liked it.

I think this season has a lot of potential, and from what I’m told it’s going to have more Ted in it because it’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff about how the twist works from last season.

It looks like all the characters from the last season are back, thank god Janet is still there she’s my absolute favorite, and there’s also some minor characters from last season that look like they’re taking on bigger roles this season.

We are definitely going to see more of the demon/Bad Place side of things this season which I’m really looking forward to.

The episode follows all of the characters from the last season on their first day in The Good Place, and Ted has really thought of some new and inventive ways to torture the people there, one of my favorites is Chidi’s predicament where he has to make an important choice and for this character that’s one of the worst things you could do to him, indecisive as fork.

Things get off to a really shaky start for Ted, and figuring out how to make all his plans work and not get retired will be fun to watch through the season.

Overall, I think it’s off to a good start, the first episode wasn’t anything mind blowing but it’s setting us up for lots of things to come further in the season, at least I hope!


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