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I hadn’t even heard of this show until a few days ago when it came up on the r/fantasy discord chat, I decided to check it out ended up getting myself addicted.

This show takes place in an alternative reality where the animals in the world are half human half animal with human bodies and animal heads. They’re sentient and are a seamless part of society even though there are normal humans too, it’s not unusual to them for a whale to be a news reporter, and a horse the star of a Tv show. It’s not as strange to watch as it sounds, it’s sort of a background thing many of the characters are half animal.

The main character is a horse named Bojack and he’s a complex character that doesn’t start out all that endearing. In the first few episodes (and really the majority of season 1) he comes across as a pretty pathetic and unlikeable character, he’s selfish, rude, stuck in the 90’s in an obsessive unhealthy way, extremely arrogant, I could go on…

He lives in a mansion type house from his old money, with a roommate he doesn’t seem to care much about. He’s breaking up with his girlfriend in the first episode and it’s clear he’s the jerk in the situation. Her character becomes one of my favorites over the seasons.

Normally I prefer characters I can relate to but there was something about this show that I don’t mind much that the main character is an ass. Will Arnet does a great job with his voice, he’s got such a great voice for being a douchebag. Quite a talent to have.

The more I watch the show the more I like it, the show is so incredibly well written and the main character is already starting to show some depth and growth over the course of one season. There’s a trend in tv for the first season of a show to be weaker while the show is finding it’s footing, and if this the shows baby steps I can’t wait to see what it’s like in it’s stride.

The first seasons plot focused around Bojack and his autobiography that was being ghost written for him since he couldn’t be bothered to write his own book. I absolutely love all the side characters, many of them are more relatable than Bojack. Major side characters include Diane who’s writing his autobiography, his roommate Todd, his agent/ex gf Caroline, and Mr. Peanutbutter who’s my absolute favorite. He’s like Bojacks antithesis, typical dog personality he’s so upbeat and positive. Since many of the characters in this world are half animal half person they retain bits of their animal selves and it’s so great. Sometimes it’s subtle background stuff, like Mr. Peanutbutter’s fountain in his yard centerpiece is a hydrant, and other times it’s more pronounced like how his ears perk up at the doorbell. It’s kind of like Brian from Family Guy, a totally sentient and intelligent being, but still a dog at his core. All of the animals have these sort of behaviors unique to their species and it’s just a funny gag that runs throughout the show.

This show has a ton of awesome actors in it, and cameos which make the show just that much better, it’s incredibly well performed. Some of the actors/actresses and cameos on the show: Will Arnet, Aaron Paul, Keith Olbermann, Kristen Schaal, Patton Oswalt, Stanley Tucci, Lisa Kudrow, Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, Keegan Kay, Phil Lamarr, Matthew Brodrick, Fred Savage, Stephen Colbert, John  Krasinksi, Weird Al, Kristen Bell, Chris Parnell, Paul McCartney, George Tekei and so, so many more.

On the discord chat I was told this show is a journey that’s heartbreaking, funny, and incredibly emotional that trends darker and more serious as the seasons continue. I’ve been told more than a few times from peoples who’s tastes are similar to my own that it’s their favorite show on tv.

My hopes are so high, and I’m so excited to keep binging on this. I just started watching a couple days ago and I’m already into season 2 and I’m probably going to binge it until the end of season 4.

If you like cartoons, comedy, darker comedy, and are looking for something different do check this out, I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance.


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