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The main character is named Kevin Pacaliuglu (goes by Pac), and he can see ghosts and it’s his job to help these ghosts find closure so they can “go into the light” and be at rest.

Pac is a stoner loser who has to beg his weed dealer for 8ths, and doesn’t get his rent in on time. He reminds me a it of a mix between Seth Rogen and Jack Black both in looks and personality.

My first impression of this show wasn’t good, it seemed a bit over the top, I wasn’t clicking with the super silly stoner kind of humor, but for whatever reason I kept watching as it was on in the background while I was cleaning the house and doing chores.

The first season I would give a 5/10, but as the show went on it grew on me a bit and I’m liking it more now that I’m in the second season. This is really more my husbands kind of humor – a lot of sexual jokes, a lot of week jokes but as the show goes on you sort of come around to the main character and his weird adventures.

The adventures are pretty outrageous, in the very first episode he has to let a ghost possess his body because the ghost died a virgin and he wants to have sex with his girlfriend – turns out the ghost died a long time ago and the girlfriend is now in her 70’s, that kind of thing.

I think my favorite episode so far is a guy who died LARPing, and the ghosts unresolved business is that his character in LARP lost his kingdom (he was a king) and he wants his clan to retake the throne. I haven’t LARPed, I personally don’t get it, but I have a ton of friends who do so I really got a kick out of that episode.

Overall,if you go into this knowing it’s silly as fuck, using a lot of profanity, is very NSFW, and completely off the wall you may enjoy yourself. Even after coming around to the show I’d only give it a 6/10 because it’s just a bit too silly for me, but my husband gets a kick out of it so there is an audience for it.

IMDB gives it a 7.7, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 7.5 – I think that’s fair even if it’s higher than I gave it. It’ s a HULU original so you can get all the seasons online.

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