Esmes Indie Author Highlights: Construct by Luke Matthews

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Bingo Squares: Debut Novel. Indie Authored. Non Human Protag

Maybe Getting Too Old For This Shit, I’ll have to ask Luke

I’ve been in a serious reading slump for almost a month, since I got home I’ve taken a long break from reading because I was going through 1 – 3 books a day and I sort of burned myself out. This was the first fantasy book I’ve picked up since then and it jump started me back into my groove.

Excellent debut novel!

I loved this book! It was like Bicentennial man meets Fantasy. There were so many elements that were similar to Bicentennial man, an intelligent and caring artificial intelligence that’s also just so innocent becuase it doesn’t know better, it doesn’t have the experience to be jaded and cruel the way the world can sometimes treat them.

Much like Bicentennial man, this is an artificial being that’s one of many, and the “Constructs” have been around for hundreds of years, but are not supposed to have emotions, in that way Samuel is very unique. He’s on a journey to find out who built him, why, and how his unique construction makes him different.

From the first few chapters I was already attached to Samuel, I love books where I really connect with the main character, and it’s extra special when the connection is immediate.

This is a multi POV book and we see the bad guys POV as well which I always enjoy, I like knowing why the bad guys are doing what they are doing, whether their reasoning is sound or not, it’s still satisfying for me to see it from their perspective.

Samuel is on the run from two assholes who are leaving a wake of dead bodies whereever they go, hunting down Samuel to kill him. But, we don’t know why, and Samuel doesn’t either. Samuel is going from town to town, searching out experts in the Construct field to see if they have any insight as to why he’s so different, and why people would be hunting him down.

For most of the book we don’t know why, and we’re as clueless as Samuel, it makes for a lot of mystery and wonder and it’s pulled off very well.

The reveal near the end of the book is soooo satisfying as well, as many similar elements from Bicentennial man as there are – this book goes in a totally different direction with the theme of trying to find your meaning and origins.

We meet artificers, sorcerers, theives, assassins, cult leaders, and more.

The world building is also really cool, since Samuel is on the run we get to see a good bit of the world around him and it’s very mystical and magical. I LOVE the old sorcerer and his cabin, it reminds me of Merlin from Sword in the Stone, a magical house full of books and the house is alive sort of.

Magic is very prevelent in this world and it’s called Khet, and I liked the fact that Khet can be used in so many different ways, the way each person is able to use khet is almost unique, there aren’t many people who have similar abilities and the variety is refreshing. Khet can also be a drug of sorts, and extracted in ill begotten ways that most of society frowns on. Making for all sorts of dark magic fuckery. Neat!

For a debut novel I’m really impressed, and whenever the sequel is released I’ll be all over it.

If you’re still looking for your non human protag square I really encourage you to check this book out. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

I’ve been thinking about adding an “audience” section to my reviews that specify who may or may not like this book – and I think I’m going to do that, but this book is an odd place to start with that because I believe the audience is basically “everyone”. Unless you really prefer next to no magic in your fantasy I can’t think of why this book would put anyone off


  1. I like the idea of having audience sections for your reviews! That could be really helpful.

    Just curious — what do you do that allows you to (used to) read 1-3 books a day? That’s amazing… I’m happy to read two books a week!

    This one sounds intriguing — I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a non-biological protagonist!

    Great review 🙂

    1. I was in the hospital with nothing to do, Im still at home on recovery/FMLA until September so Ill be able to pick up that pace again, I just needed a break.

      This is a great non human protag book, if youve never read one before this would be a great starting place.

    2. Apropo, astia-s genul de oameni pe care nu-i deranjeaza absolut deloc religia, care pur si simplu nu s-au gandit la ea pana acum, si care la o adica pot avea peste noapte o revelatie si se trezesc a doua zi mari crnciediosi. Cum a avut Piedone ala care l-a descoperit pe Jizaz intr-un ciur. Repet, chiar nu vad de ce ai vrea sa te bazezi pe imbecili din astia.

      1. “By the way, these are the kind of people who do not mind at all religion, who just did not think about it until now, and who may have a revelation overnight and wake up the next big day crnciediosi. How did Piedone have discovered Jizaz in a sieve. I repeat, I really do not see why you want to rely on these imbecites” —- google translated your comment. I honestly have no idea what youre talking about, this book had nothing to do with religion.

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