Rick and Morty – TV review of one of my favorite series.

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When I was introduced to Rick and Morty, the first episode didn’t draw me in that much, there was a burping drunk mad scientist and a very nervous and anxious side kick, Morty who is his grandson.

It was kind of funny, kind of clever, but I didn’t like the animation much and the burping got on my nerves.

But, someone told me it’s the most amazing series on tv currently, and that if I love Futurama (which I do, to the point of obsession) that I would like this series.

By the third episode I was sold. This series is like a darker version of Futurama. The violence is casual and nonchalant, there’s a huge amount of visual gags, insane side characters, and amazing adventures through the universe, and parallel universes.

It gets a 9.3 rating from IMDB and I absolutely agree with that crazy high rating, this show is amazing.



Rick is a fucking genius, he’s also broken – and it’s the depth to the character that’s shown in later episodes that really makes this series one of my favorites. Rick has invented a Portal Gun which allows him to go anywhere in our universe, or the plethora of other universes –  there’s even a Council of Ricks, where all the Ricks of the universe come together. Rick hates them, and the tension between the Council of Ricks and Rick C-137 (our rick from the show) makes for some very interesting episodes.

Although he appears not to give a shit about anyone or anything, it’s not true, and my favorite episodes are where that shines through. Rick will make you think “wtf”, laugh, and think about shit.



Morty is constantly being dragged into Ricks adventures, and Rick has a habit of shitting on him – he’s constantly getting the short end of the stick but through the course of the series he gets a great arc where he starts to grow into a real personality. The first few episodes he’s so unsure of himself and what’s going on I can’t help but feel bad for him. My favorite episodes that feature Morty is when he’s growing a backbone.




Summer is a “typical teenage girl” and at first I didn’t like her much. She was kind of bitchy, pretty mean to Morty and her parents, and worried about being popular, throwing parties, and attracting her crushes. However, she grew on me over time by the second season I didn’t dislike her anymore, but she’s still a smart ass



Beth is Ricks daughter, and the mother to Morty and Summer. Pregnant in highschool she married her high school sweetheart – Jerry. They have a very dysfunctional relationship and in one episode they go to a couples therapy on an alien planet and shit gets nuts. She’s a horse surgeon who always wanted to be a “real doctor” and she struggles with where she is in life, whether she wants to be married to Jerry, and is a borderline alcoholic (Rick is a full blown alcoholic and never far from his flask)

When she goes through periods where she drinks too much her mothering skills fail



Jerry is a sad sack, constantly in and out of a job and doesn’t wear the pants in the family. He “tries his best”, but it’s usually not good enough. He tends to cling to people and need attention and reassurance – Beth usually finds this hard to deal with but always comes back to him in the end. It’s a dysfunctional relationship and who knows if in season 3 if they’re going to stick together, divorce is talked about frequently through season 1 and 2.



This has quickly become my favorite series on tv. I am SO excited for season 3 coming this summer. I binged this series as soon as I got past episode 3, if you don’t like the first few episodes, keep trying. If you don’t like it by episode 6 it will probably not be your thing.

The voice actors are also pretty famous. Jerry is voiced by Chris Parnell – you’ll know him from Archer


Sarah Chalke plays Beth, who also was Elliot Reed in Scrubs!



For anyone who likes Archer and Futurama, I really recommend this series. It’s not going to be for everyone but for the right audience this series will probably go to your top 10 tv series quickly.




  1. I’ve been hearing about this before and never paid attention to it. I’ll give it a shot, I like the clips you posted. I love Futurama. 🙂

    1. It takes a few episodes to adjust to the style in the beginning. I had to get 3-4 episodes in before it really clicked. by episode 7-8 it became a favorite. if youre really not into it by episode 5 id say the humor just doesnt jive with you, its very subjective after all. However, if you liked the clips i think theres a good chance youll like the show.

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