Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

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I’ve always enjoyed Jim Gaffigans stand up, quirky, weird, and upbeat it’s my kind of humor most of the time, especially when he’s talking about food. Hot Pockets!

So, I wanted to get some comedy books to help lighten my mood so I picked up a few of them and I was really excited for this one.

I’m not sure how to rate this book because I opted first for the audiobook version thinking it would be funnier than just reading the book. Honestly, it sort of fell flat for me which was very surprising. I was expecting him to perform it rather than just read it. The narration wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t what I was expecting either. I could feel like I would have laughed at jokes that fell flat for me due to delivery.

I switched to the e-book version on Kindle and enjoyed myself much more from there on out, where I just imagined he was delivering the lines. Very weird that I had to opt for that.

So the book itself was funny, and it was mostly about what it was like to be a dad, how he met his wife, and the antics his kids get up to.

I think this book would resonate more with parents though, and since I don’t have any kids although I found it funny I couldn’t really relate much to it. I’m barely even an aunt, my husbands sisters have kids, but they were nearly grown when we got married so I didn’t get to experience that with them and my brother doesn’t have any kids yet either. My experience with kids and their non sense is limited to what I remember growing up and seeing other people with their kids. Most of my friends don’t even have kids either and we’re all in our 30’s – getting at it late I guess.

So, if you really enjoy his stand up, have kids of your own I would recommend this book for you! Just, don’t go for the audiobook. I ultimately gave the book 4/5 on goodreads and felt that was a fair score. The stories were light, funny, and the book itself was well paced and written to hold your interest.

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