Announcing Terry Tuesdays!

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I was thinking about what kind of structure I could give to the blog to make it more interesting for people, and I think I will have two or three dedicated days to certain aspects of Fantasy (Magic System Mondays, Terry Tuesdays that kind of thing).

Ill start with the series that helped spark my interest in the genre – Discworld.

The first few posts will highlight the mini series within Discworld – The Watch, The Witches, The Wizards, DEATH, Tiffany Aching, Moist and the stand alones.

From there, I’m going to select a character and do an in depth study of them, all of the main characters will get an in depth write up: Granny, Nanny, Magrat, Verence, Sam, Sybil, Carrot, Angua, Detritus, Vetinari, Dibbler, Nobby, Rincewind, Ridcully, Wyndel, The Librarian, DEATH, Mort, Susan, Teatime, Tiffany, Rob Anybody, Moist, Adora, Cohen, Shawn, Igor, Eskarina, Agnes, William, Luggage, Twoflower.

Ill also be highlighting places, like The Ramtops, Ankh, Uberwald – as well as certain guilds inside Ankh, like The Guild of Assassins and The Seamstresses Guild.

Ill also dedicate a few days to the man himself, Sir Terry Pratchett.

I dont know if Ill have one done this Tuesday, but I hope so!


    1. It was a lot of fun doing the first one…. but now that I think about it for the first Terry Tuesday I really should have posted my “where to start with discworld” post instead of a Witches overview post… oh well.

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