2019 Review Policy/Reading Schedule

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I am still debating whether I will continue the Weatherwax Report after I finish with my review requests that are left over from 2018. I am going to be working through my backlog until around June, and then I will decide whether I’m closing down, or opening back up for reviews.

I also fucked up kinda bad. I saw an email that reminded me that my paid subscription to WordPress was close to renewing, it’s what spurred me to consider closing down. I didn’t want to pay for the site anymore, and even though there are free versions of wordpress, I wanted the extra features and better formats that you only get by paying for them.

I didn’t realize that tables were going to disappear though. I thought that was part of the free aspect of WordPress. Not only are they gone on the website, they are gone completely because I can’t access that widget anymore to get my data back from it.

So I have to go back through all my emails and re-create my list from scratch. If I miss you let me know. I only have like 18-20 on this list, so I know I’m coming up short – let me know if you’re missing.




  1. I started on WordPress.com and moved to WordPress.org years ago. I’m sorry you are losing some of the features you count on. If you want some free advice, let me know. And read, read, read!!

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