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I’ve tried to clean this up a bit. It took over 2 hours to get halfway there, so I’ll be finishing this up sometime this week. 

I still have backlog even after taking a few breaks trying to catch up. I am going to try one last time to catch up, so I have closed reviews through the rest of the year. I need to get through what I have now (which is too much) before I can accept any more review requests. Once I open back up I will post a review policy.

If I have already agreed to read your book, and it is NOT on this schedule, please feel free to shoot me an email.


January Reading Schedule

TitleAuthorRating Review LinkWhy I read it
The Black Shriving Phil Tucker 85/100 (5 stars) ReviewPleasure Read
The Seige of AbythosPhil Tucker 85/100 (5 stars)ReviewPleasure Read
Humans of New York Brandon Stanton 88/100Review Pleasure Read
If You Ask Me Betty White 80/100Review Pleasure Read
The Iron Circlet Phil Tucker 85/100 (5 stars)ReviewPleasure Read
The White Song Phil Tucker 85/100 (5 stars)ReviewPleasure Read
Pagan Heart Gus Campbell72/100MISSINGSPFBO 3
Star Child Leonard Petracci 76.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
Kings of Paradise Richard Nell 88/100ReviewAuthor Request
Warlock's Sun RisingDamien Black 82/100ReviewSPFBO 3
The Buried Symbol Jeffrey Kohanek 72/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Whom The Gods LoveM.M. Perry 80/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Path of Flames Phil Tucker 85/100 (5 stars)ReviewPleasure Read
What Remains of Heroes David Benem75/100ReviewPleasure Read
The Land: Founding Aleron Kong 68/100ReviewPleasure Read
Benjamin Ashwood A.C. Cobble 73.8/100ReviewSPFBO 3
An Ominous Book Nancy Foster 76/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Beyond The Forest K. L. Ling 78/100ReviewSPFBO 3
The Ventifact Colossus Dorian Hart 78.3/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Shattered Dreams Ulff Lehrmann 78/100ReviewSPFBO 3
An Ill Fated Sky Darrell Drake 86/100ReviewAuthor Request
Age of War Michael J Sullivan 87/100MISSINGBeta Read
The Last WhispererJordan C Robison 71/100MISSINGSPFBO 3
Dead God's due Matthew Gilbert 76/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Ankaran ImmersionWill Weisser 84/100ReviewPleasure Read
Behind the Vale Brian D. Anderson 75.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Songweaver's Vow Laura Van Arendonk68.25/100ReviewSPFBO 3
The Eighth God Paul Lavendar 74/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Fae: The Wild HuntGraham Austin King 78/100ReviewPleasure Read
The Hidden FaceS.C. Flynn74/100ReviewAuthor Request


February Reading Schedule

TitleAuthorRatingReview LinkWhy I Read It
Apotheosis BreakJosh Rhoades & Mike RutledgeMISSINGSPFBO 3
The Saga of Dirt and PonchoClayton Baker74.5ReviewSPFBO 3
Gods of ColorC.H. Baum74.1/100ReviewSPFBO 3
The Archbishop's AmuletWatson Davis80/100ReviewSPFBO 3
The Legacy Chronicle T.H. Paul MISSINGSPFBO 3
The Snow White Files Sonja Black 78.7/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Magic Awakens Lucia Ashta MISSING SPFBO 3
The Blood of Whisperer's Devin Madson 78.5/100Review SPFBO 3
Irons in the Fire Antonio UriasMISSING SPFBO 3
Under Witch Moon Maria SchneiderMISING SPFBO 3
The Great Hearts David Oliver 74.5/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Blood of the Sire Andrea L. Staum MISSING SPFBO 3
Mind Behind the Mind Alexa Grave MISSING SPFBO 3
Torn Rowenna Miller 84.5/100Review Pleasure Read
Klondaeg Steve Thomas 82/100Review Pleasure Read
Leonardo Da Vinci Walter Isaacson 90/100ReviewPleasure Read

March Reading Schedule

Title Author Rating Review Link Why I Read It
The Lord of Dreams C.J. Brightley MISSING SPFBO 3
Requiem for the Wolf Tara SandersMISSING SPFBO 3
The Fall of Rath Gavin South 77/100ReviewSPFBO 3
Naomi Grim Marlowe 76/100ReviewSPFBO 3
City of Brass S.A. Chakraborty80/100MISSING Pleasure Read
The War of the Usurper Eli Freysson 77.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
Unseelie Court Charlie Ward 77.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
Gedlund William Ray 81.3/100ReviewAuthor Request
Threadbare Andrew Seiple89/100ReviewReader Request
Sir Thomas the Hesitant Liam Perrin 84.5/100ReviewPleasure Read
Last Dragon Standing Rachel Aaron 81/100Review Pleasure Read
The Massacre at Yellow Hill C.S. humble 73.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Blade Itself Joe Abercrombie 84/100ReviewPleasure Read
Before The Are Hanged Joe Abercrombie 90/100ReviewPleasure Read
The Last Argument of Kings Joe Abercombie 87/100ReviewPleasure Read
The Heroes Joe Abercrombie 86/100ReviewPleasure Read

April Reading Schedule

Title Author RatingReview Link Why I Read It
The Promise of Child Tom Toner 71/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Dragon Seller Federico Ferrario79/100ReviewAuthor Request
After Life Daniel Ionson 73.7/100ReviewAuthor Request
Hemlock Jesse Teller 77.75/100ReviewAuthor Request
Be Careful What You Joust For Ryan Hauge and Ivy Smoak 61.1/100ReviewAuthor Request
Best Served Cold Joe Abercrombie 84/100ReviewPleasure Read
Red Country Joe Abercrombie 85/100ReviewPleasure Read
The Supernatural World Moisa J Wroy 30/100ReviewAuthor Request
RefugeesR.A. Denny 71.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
Unwilling Souls Gregory Little 80/100ReviewAuthor Request
KingsholdDave Wolliscroft 81.3/100ReviewAuthor Request
Grey Sister Mark Lawrence 88/100MISSING Pleasure Read
Dancing in the Dust Gqendolyn Pendraig DNF ReviewAuthor Request
Wagers of Fate Noureddine HifadN/AReviewAuthor Request
Wards and Wonders Kay L. Ling 80/100ReviewAuthor Request
In the Siege of Daylight Greg S. Close MISSING Author Request
Robocopter Ski Patrol A.C.Cross 74/100ReviewAuthor Request
Sins of Empire Brian McClellan 85/100ReviewPleasure Read
Endless Flight A.C. Cobble MISSING Author Request
The Poppy War R.F. Kaung 87/100ReviewPleasure Read
Foundryside Robert Jackson Bennett 82/100ReviewCrown Publishing Request


May Reading Schedule

Title AuthorRatingReview Link Why I read It
Death March Phil Tucker 84.5/100ReviewARC
Wrath of Empire Brian McClellan 86/100ReviewNetgalley
Shepherd of Fire Matt Moss 74.5/100ReviewARC
A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe Alex White 76.25/100ReviewNetgalley
Stealing Sorcery Andrew Rowe 84/100ReviewPleasure Read
Forging Divinity Andrew Rowe 81.5/100ReviewPleasure Read
George Washington: A Life Ron Chernow 82/100ReviewPleasure Read
On the Shoulders of TitansAndrew Rowe 88/100ReviewARC
Ikessar Falcon K.S. Villoso 89/100ReviewARC


July Reading Schedule 

Title Author RatingReviewWhy I Read It
Mad God's Muse Matthew Gilbert 78/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Aching God Mike Shel 86.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
City of Kings Rob J Hayes 82/100ReviewAuthor Request
Wrath of Gods Dyrk Ashton 88/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Colour of Magic Terry Pratchett 77/100ReviewDiscworld 1-41 reread
The Light Fantastic Terry Pratchett 79/100ReviewDiscworld 1-41 reread
Equal RitesTerry Pratchett 78/100ReviewDiscworld 1-41 reread
MortTerry Pratchett83.7/100Review Discworld 1-41 reread
Dawn of DarknessAdam Watson 67/100ReviewSPFBO 4
The Knight's Order J.A. Alexsoo76/100ReviewSPFBO 4
Pendant Path Steve Boivie and Jane Funk 60.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Castes and OutcastesDavis Ashura 75.2/100ReviewAuthor Request
We Ride the Storm Devin Madson 82.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
Crosser's Maze Dorian Hart 82.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
No SympathiesWilliam Cope 74.5/100ReviewSPFBO 4
Darkblade Assassin Andy Peloquin 75/100ReviewSPFBO 4
AerodanceBrett Herman MISSING Author Free Book
Enchanted Legacy M.M Perry MISSING Author Free Book
Coven Queen Jeramy Goble 75.75/100ReviewAuthor Request
Atlantis: The Visionary Continent Melissa Wong 72.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
Bones of the Past Craig Munro 72.25/100ReviewAuthor Request

August Reading Schedule 

TitleAuthorRatingReviewWhy I Read It
LiefdomJesse TellerMISSING Author Request
The Shepherd Girl's Necklace Watson Davis75/100ReviewSPFBO 4
When The Kingdom FallsMeagan Hurst 68.5/100ReviewSPFBO 4
Rules of Supervillainy C.T. Phipps 81/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Traitor God Cameron Johnson 80.25/100Review Author Request
SourceryTerry Pratchett 79/100Review Discworld Reread 1-41
PyramidsTerry Pratchett 81/100ReviewDiscworld Reread 1-41
Space Unicorn Blues T.J. Berry 82.5/100ReviewPublisher Request
Sorcerous Rivalry Kayleigh Nicol 77.75/100ReviewSPFBO 4/Author Request
Guards GuardsTerry Pratchett 90/100ReviewDiscworld Reread 1-41


September Reading Schedule 

TitleAuthorRatingReviewWhy I Read It
SeekersR.A. Denny74/100
ReviewAuthor Request
Ungrateful Gods Gregory D. Little Currently Reading! MISSING Author Request
The Hidden Ones Russell Cullison 74.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
Moving Pictures Terry Pratchett 84.25/100ReviewDiscworld Reread 1-41
Reaper Man Terry Pratchett 93.75/100ReviewDiscworld Reread 1-41
ExileMartin Owton 71/100ReviewAuthor Request
Here Be DragonsDavid Macpherson78/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Lion Prophecy Alexander Grant 52/100ReviewSPFBO 4
The Gods of Winter Dale Harker76/100ReviewSPFBO 4
Shattered HopesUlff LehrmannMISSINGAuthor Request
Bolivar's Sword Jamie Edmundson MISSING Author Request
Circle of Surfeit Mark Avon MISSING Author Request
The Heirs of Lydin Aidan Hennessy 75/100ReviewAuthor Request
Small GodsTerry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Seeds of DissolutionWilliam C. Tracy 78.25/100ReviewAuthor Request
BelowLee GaiteriMISSINGAuthor Request
Bricked In Max Wannow DNF ReviewAuthor Request
Lords and Ladies Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Men at Arms Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Witches AbroadTerry Pratchett 93.75/100Review

October Reading Schedule

Title AuthorRatingReviewWhy I Read It
The Ghost Engine Theresa Fuller Author Request
Gryphon's Eye Kevin Watson Author Request
Between the Shade and Shadow Coleman Alexander Author Request
Soul Music Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Interesting Times Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Servant of Rage A.Z. Anthony 77/100ReviewAuthor Request
The Bastard From Fairyland P.S. Parker Author Request
D&D Visual History Book Penguin Request
MaskeradeTerry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Feet of Clay Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread
Every Clime and PlacePatrick LeClercAuthor Request
Halloween Host: A Holiday Novel S.M. Barrett75.5/100ReviewAuthor Request
CrownJesse TellerAuthor Request
HogfatherTerry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
JingoTerry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Coyote Chronicles Anton Le Roy Author Request
Probability Shadow Mark Laporta 80.5/100ReviewPublisher Request
The Last Continent Terry PratchettDiscworld 1-41 Reread
Carpe Jugulum Terry Pratchett Discworld Reread 1-41
Tales of KingsholdD.P. Wooliscroft Author Request
City of Lies Sam Hawke 84/100ReviewPleasure Read
The RitualistDakota Krout81.5/100ReviewPleasure Read

November Reading Schedule 

Title AuthorRatingReviewWhy I Read It
Ash and Sand Book 2Richard Nell Author Request
Shadow of the Exile Mitchell Hogan Author Request
The Fifth Elephant Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
Less Valued KnightsLiam Perrin Author Request
Myths and Mentors Kay L Ling Author Request
Thief of Time Terry Pratchett Discworld Reread 1-41
The Last Hero Terry PratchettDiscworld Reread 1-41
PalomL.L McNeil Author Request
The Elder IceDavid Hambling Author Request
Superluminary Olivia Rising Author Request
Blood of Heirs Alicia Wanstall-Burke Author Request
Prince of Cats Daniel Oleson Author Request
The Demons WithinAshe Armstrong Author Request



I will need some time to catch up on all of those “Missing Reviews” before I can take any more review requests. Hopefully, I will be able to get them all done in the month of December, but it could be an insane month at work. We will see. Thanks for your patience for those authors waiting on reviews. 



  1. Wow! You are way more organized than I am. I need to do something like this!
    I just have a note on my phone with “reading order” and where I got the book from.

  2. Good luck getting caught up on your backlog (I am RIGHT there with you). May I ask how you created such an awesome spreadsheet like that? I kinda want to borrow it (and give credit to you, of course).

    1. I use a widget in wordpress that allows me to create tables. lol no need to give me any credit, i wasn’t the mastermind who created tables, just an admirer of organization

      If you install that, you go to WP admin, and go to TablePress

      Word to the wise, any more than 5-6 columns and it becomes compressed and illegible. it’s not a perfect program but useful

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